Thousands of users use iVvy to manage every part of their events. Whether you are a small event organiser, a large venue or work for a fortune 500 company, iVvy has all the features that you need to create a successful event.


The elite iVvy team is too big to list here - so instead we have listed the members of the leadership team that you may see around the rest of the website.


Changing an entire industry isn't easy, so at iVvy we look for the dreamers, the stargazers, the misfits and those who like to break the rules. We then provide them with a mixture of challenges, a fun work environment and all the tools they need. A games room with nerf guns, pool and ping pong tables doesn't hurt either. If you think you are up to the challenge, drop us a line, and say g'day.

Behind the scenes

At iVvy we work hard every day with the goal of transforming an entire industry - but we also know how to have fun - so you might be surprised at all the things that make us tick - see the latest pics link to flickr